Divine Intervention 360

Breaking the Matrix

Divine Intervention 360 details the shocking truths of the tactics that are used by the programmed to further force the program’s agenda. It goes from end of the spectrum, completely to the other end because it also highlights a few learnable tricks to spot your abusers and how to keep yourself grounded until the smoke clears. Warning, pay attention, because what you think is normal, is that much further from the truth.

Through this book:

  • You will learn self-help.
  • Self-care techniques are provided.
  • Knowing that you are not alone even though that’s how “they” want you to feel.
  • Light is shed on societies false truths.
  • Awareness is given.

About the Author

Michael Latimer Jr. is born and bred by the Baltimore area. Like many from there, life came with plenty of hardships, but he always managed to create better circumstances for himself. By being raised in the streets, he found himself completing a decade of prison sentences. None of these trials and errors was able to cloud his commitment to become a better person. Today, along with being an award winning author, Michael also has constructed his own real estate business and is seeking to expand his endeavors. He has one son aka “his crumb” who he dedicates a huge part of his life to, and in doing so has created a magnificent relationship between the two of them. Being a grown man with a youthful spirit has helped Michael transition from, and transmute alot of the negative energies that he encounters. It appears that he has been making fruit punch with the lessons that life has tested him with and doesn’t feel the need to stop anytime soon. Amazing!

Divine Intervention 360

Breaking the Matrix

Chapter 1: Toxic Roots

The programming starts when we are fresh out of the womb.

Chapter 2: Frenemies

They only like you when they can hold back from achieving more than they can.

Chapter 3: Vent

When necessary, be your own BFF.

Chapter 4: Real Eyes = Realize

When someone isn’t for you, it’ll seep through their pours.

Chapter 5: I’m On To You

Pay attention when you see someone’s words not matching their actions.

Chapter 6: Undressing Scars

Don’t be scared to look at yourself and those ugly hidden scars.

Chapter 7: Damage Control

When you know your own worth no one can dictate your value.

Chapter 8: King Soup

They secretly hate me and my son, but more, they hate our bond.

Chapter 9: Back On the Wall

These are the accounts of a true warrior spirit.

Chapter 10: Puzzle Pieces

I had to see everything for what it was, and not as it was being portrayed.

Chapter 11: The Shake Back

Where I am now versus where they wanted me to be.

Divine Intervention 360

Breaking the Matrix

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